5 Secrets of a Successful Sales Letter

What’s the secret of a successful sales letter?

What makes a sales letter successfully generate thousands of sales in several weeks?

Here are 5 secrets of a successful sales letter.

Apply these secrets and you’ll be able to generate more sales with your sales letter.


1. Talk to Your Readers

First, you have to talk with your readers.

What I mean by talking with your readers is that you have to really talk with them like you’ve known each other for a long time.

Talk with their language.

Start with recognizing their problem, and then guiding them to the real solution for their problem.

The point is to create a good impression and establish good conversation with your readers.


2. Create the Desire to Buy

What makes your readers want to buy your product?

You can’t just say to them “Hey, buy this product. It will save your life!”

It doesn’t work like that.

Your sales letter is just a guiding letter that will guide your readers to the buying decision.

You won’t force them to buy.

Instead, you make them want to buy the product.


3. Relate a Relevant Story

Of course, your readers don’t want to just read your promise.

They want real proof of your promise.

They don’t want to buy a product unless they know that the product will really help them.

To convince them further, you can use story to strengthen your sales letter.

By giving your readers relevant story, you will be able to give them something to relate to.

Then, they can make their decision based on that.


4. Genuine Testimonials

The product popularity will affect the sales of your product.

The more popular your product, the more people will want your product.

The less popular your product, the less people want to buy your product.

Okay, that’s about popularity.

But, the usefulness of the product will also determine whether people will buy your product or not.

People usually judge the product based on the testimonials that it has.

The more positive testimonials that you have for your product, the more people will trust your product. Thus, they will buy.

The key is honesty.

Put genuine testimonials in your sales letter.


5. Benefits and Hope

Would you want to buy a product that you can’t use? Of course not.

You will only buy a product if it can give you good benefits for your life.

That’s because along with those benefits, there will be hope.

For example, if you have a product that helps people to cure their acne, then along with the benefits of your product, there will be hope for acne sufferers to get out from their nightmare.

A good sales letter should be able to give benefits and hope to the readers.


Those are the secrets of a successful sales letter.

You can write a sales letter and not making any money with it.

Yes, it’s a fact that not all sales letters generate sales.

Only if you apply the secrets above, you will be able to make your sales letter more powerful to generate sales for your product.