6 Best Programming Languages For A Great Career

Learning a programming language is a skill you can take into a long career that can easily have you earning six figures when you follow your passions and goals. The talent of knowing a programming language is used in data science, research, analytics, and software development worldwide. These are fields that every major industry on the planet needs and uses. You can learn programming languages through courses that offer Java or Python certification, or certification in the language of your choice.

There are many programming languages that you could learn. You would want to start with the languages that are the most widely used, and thus considered the best. That includes Python and JavaScript, just to start. 

Learn more about the six best programming languages available to learn today, and get started on an exciting career.


C++ programming is about using code to solve real-world problems. All programming languages aim to accomplish this, but C++ breaks down parts of a problem and turns them into code. It is one of the most popular types of programming as it is easy to learn if you love programming.

C++ can be learned through books and programming courses. It’s not as easily translatable into every application such as some other languages are, but it is easy to use for the applications for which it is intended.


JavaScript might be one of the oldest in the books when it comes to programming languages, and it serves a good purpose. This is a language that is everywhere you go. That’s good news for your career prospects if you like JavaScript. It is a flexible language that dominates the field.

There are other languages rising ahead of JavaScript, but this is still a language that will be in demand for as long as programming is.


Getting your certification in Python will be an incredible accomplishment in a programming career. There are many Python courses online that can help you to get there. Add Python books, conventions, and networking to your learning curve, and you are going to be a prime talent for headhunters.

This is a scripting language that can be as simple or as complicated as you like. It is also used in millions of applications and websites. You have probably done something online, on your phone, or even when shopping that required Python language to make it run. This language isn’t dying anytime soon, if ever. Python talent is not a rare find but is one that is in high demand.


PHP is formally known as a hypertext preprocessor and is used in the area of web development. If developing web pages is your passion, this is the programming language that you want to learn. When you couple that HTML, the hypertext markup language that is the code that runs every web page on the planet, this combination of talents will make you a skilled programmer with a wide range of job choices.

Again, this is a language that is used in every industry on the planet. You will have a nice selection of job choices to apply for when you have learned this language through online courses, books and programs, and networking development.


Swift is the language that Apple uses to create all of its products and mobile applications. If you are an Apple fanatic, this is an excellent and easy language to learn. If you are familiar with Apple products, then you know what the end result of this programming language is.

Anybody can use Apple devices. Even children can use Apple devices. Prompts and notifications come to you, and you could be one of the stars developing that.


Rust is not the most popular on the list of programming languages, but it is still considered one of the best. This is another one of those personal preferences that are symbolic to coders and programmers. When they love it, they don’t want to use anything else, but that is the relationship you will build with the language of your choice.

Rust is a development of Mozilla, and this should give you an example of what its intuitive nature appears as in real-time. This is a language that is familiar in the industry as one of the most popular, and there are many Rust developer jobs out there.

Learn Programming

When you want to learn to program, you may feel like it’s difficult to pick the language you want to learn. Learn the ones that stand out the most to you. It will differ between languages for different coders. Your programming language and style will become unique to you and be part of your unique talent that sets you apart.

Get your certification in the language of your choice. Start researching the right program or course today, and you will begin to feel excited about your future immediately.