Effective Ways To Strengthen Customer Relationships

When all is said and done, the only way for your business to survive is by having loyal customers.

These customers will spend, spend and spend some more, and it’s this financial input that keeps you afloat.

And yet, many companies simply don’t treat their customers with the respect they deserve. What’s to stop that customer from taking their business elsewhere? It’s vital that you not only draw people in but retain them too.

This is why your relationship with the customer is key. It must be nurtured, fostered, and allowed to grow, to keep them around and keep them spending. Here are some effective ways you can do it!

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Always let them communicate with you

Ever had an issue with a product or service and wished that the company had 24/7 phone lines? You aren’t alone. It’s very frustrating to not be able to contact the business in question, especially if there’s a problem.

So to make your business a more customer-centric operation, consider implementing 24/7 support. You could do this in several ways – the phone is the most common, but online chat is just as helpful. If 24/7 support isn’t possible, create an online form and vow to reply to all queries within 24 hours. Your customers will be more appreciative of this level of support!


Learn and remember their special dates

Your customers are people too, you know – not just your source of funds. And they won’t even be the latter if you don’t treat them with respect. To put yourself firmly in their good books, you could try treating them like a friend rather than a number on a spreadsheet.

One great way to do this is to remember their special dates. A provider like Tempworks can offer you tools that remind you of customer birthdays and anniversaries, among other data. Using this data, you can then send them greetings and good wishes on these dates.

Being personal with people is one of the most important strategies you can adopt!


Don’t ignore current customers in favor of new ones

We’ve all seen them. The ‘introductory offers’ and ‘rewards for switching to us.’ They’re as common as oxygen.

But what do the current customers get?

More often than not, they don’t see hide nor hair of these offers. This can result in them feeling left out, and a little bit burned. Why should customer loyalty be rewarded with… nothing? It doesn’t add up. It’s usually the new customers that get all the glory.

Well, it’s about time you reversed this notion! By rewarding current customers, you make them more likely to stick around. Plus, the good word of mouth you’ll receive will attract even more new clients to your company. It’s win/win.

You can still keep these introductory offers, too. I’m not saying to get rid of them. But while you’re running promotions for new customers, why not throw your current ones a bone?

And with that, your customer relationships will be as strong as ever! Were there any strategies that we missed? Please, leave your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Infographic created by Clover Network, a POS system company