How to Improve Calls to Action on Your Website

A call to action is important in a website. When people read these calls to action, they will feel entitled to take the next step. It’s the reason why the phrase “add to cart” became a household name.

Many people understand that adding something to the cart means that they will soon buy that product. If the website doesn’t have a good call to action, it’s a lost opportunity.

If you want more people to realize the value of these calls to action and take the next steps, you have to be smart and use them. These tips might help you. 


Use longer and more specific phrases 

It’s important to use longer and more specific phrases in crafting the call to action. For instance, instead of using “Click Here,” you can say, “Click Here to Sign Up.”

In doing so, you’re telling people exactly what will happen if they click the button. They won’t get left hanging about what the next step would look like.

Longer phrases also don’t sound generic. They appeal to more people.  

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Highlight the button 

It would help if you also highlighted the button that makes people decide to take the necessary action. For instance, if you want them to hit the “Buy Now” button, it should be large enough.

It should also be in a bolder color that people won’t miss. Maximize white space by not putting several elements next to the button. 


Don’t be repetitive

While you must have a call to action, you can’t be repetitive. No one wants to see these buttons all over the webpage.

Visitors might think that you’re only after making profits. You don’t necessarily care about what your customers want. You have to be strategic in using the call to action. 


There should be a relevant call to action on every landing page 

It’s important to optimize every landing page. Not everyone is searching for the same products and services. If you offer different services, each one needs to have a specific landing page. When people click the link in an article to read elsewhere, they know what to expect. They will feel frustrated if they get redirected to the primary page that doesn’t contain what you’re looking for.

Since people already know what they want and only confirm the information they know, the next step is to buy. Therefore, it helps if there’s a call to action on every landing page. The phrases should also vary depending on the page visited.  

These calls to action can make or break a business. Sometimes, people only need a little push to buy a product. If they don’t see an urgency in the call to action, they might defer their plans. If you want to improve your website and use the calls to action, you can partner with a company. You need these experts to analyze your page and help you improve. Web design isn’t only about having a visually stunning website. It’s also about making it more functional and appealing to the target buyers.