Popular Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay

The face of digital marketing is always changing. Sometimes it can be a challenge for marketers to keep up. Some new tech trend pops up one day and feels like it disappears the next.

Read about these digital marketing trends that are anything but flashes in the pan — these are here to stay.  


Automated Data Analysis 

Artificial intelligence is the way of the future, including the future of digital marketing. With the help of automated data analysis, marketing teams can monitor their campaigns in real-time without having staff members comb over the metrics. A website like Morphio reduces the chances of human error, so the results are guaranteed to be accurate. And it reduces the chances of staff boredom, since collecting pages and pages of data can be a mind-numbing and time-consuming task. Workers can put their skills toward other exciting tasks.  



Another marketing trend that is here to stay is the use of microinfluencers. A microinfluencer is like a regular social media influencer but with a smaller following and a more down-to-earth persona. Brands have been turning to microinfluencers to help them advertise products, giving them everything from stylish sunglasses to eco-friendly water bottles.  

The marketing method is successful for a few reasons. For one, it’s more affordable than hiring a big-name celebrity or influencer. The lower price-tag gives smaller brands a chance to spread the word.  

Secondly, microinfluencers benefit from appearing more authentic and approachable than major stars. Followers are more likely to relate to them 

And finally, Instagram is the social media platform where Generation Z is hanging out — not Facebook. If you want to tap into that audience, you have to go where they’re scrolling.  


Video Integration

Television commercials used to be the ultimate form of advertising, but now that people aren’t watching as much cable, marketers have to switch gears. Those small screen ads have moved onto even smaller screens. Consumers are taking in commercials on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. It’s the same technique — it’s only adapted to the tech of the times.   

More marketers are finding better ways to incorporate videos into their campaigns. They include features like auto-play, so consumers see the content when they scroll by. They use closed captioning and subtitles for accessibility. And they have even started vertical videos specifically for smartphone users so that they don’t have to turn their phone horizontally to watch the content.  

Consumers will always be drawn toward videos. All marketers have to do is find ways to optimize the viewing experience for them.  


These marketing trends will stay popular in the years to come. Automated digital marketing analysis software is extremely efficient and convenient. Microinfluencers are affordable, approachable advertisers. And video integration has always been around — it’s only adapting to the demands of new tech. What marketing trend will your team start using?