If you’re looking to make the most of a recently acquired DT175, there are a few fast mods you can take care of to increase your bike’s performance and have a more comfortable ride without spending a ton of money. From there, it gets easier to explore the mods you think would fit your riding style more specifically, because basic performance enhancements to the core systems will help you get a better feel for the way you prefer to ride. These aftermarket parts for Yamaha DT175 often come with several options that each advertise slightly different performance upgrades, so feel free to play with your brand choices to get the best experience for your budget. 


1. Performance Brake Pads

Your safety and protection comes from two places, your Yamaha’s onboard features like brakes and your protective gear. Shopping for the right motorcycle riding gear on sale to round out your seasonal protection doesn’t do you as much good if your brake pads wear out during a season with a lot of slippery weather. Performance pads can provide a longer lifespan, shorter stopping distances, less heat output, or even all three. Explore your options today to help yourself have the safest riding experience possible every time you head out. 


2. Exhaust Upgrades

Your exhaust system does two things that help you out whether you notice them or not. They help move emissions away from the engine so you have a better, more efficient, and sometimes even more powerful machine. They also help control the amount of noise produced by a device that operates by causing near-constant small explosions. Without a good exhaust, riding can be uncomfortable or even damaging to the hearing. Luckily, there are a lot of aftermarket options for exhausts that provide better sound reduction than OEM gear while also making the Yamaha DT175 more efficient. Of course, if you love announcing your presence you can also buy some ear protection from your favorite source for dirt women’s riding gear and accessories and then opt for a mod that really lets your engine roar. 


3. Safety Lights and Reflectors

Like the earlier mods described, this is an area where you have a lot of options. Your bike’s lighting is partially about safety, but it’s also about aesthetics. When you ride up to a friend’s barn after being on the trail all evening, what do you want their first glimpse of your ride to look like? You can plan and build an aesthetic with the right combination of accessories and safety gear, so you don’t have to view your safety upgrades as purely functional. Especially not if you’re also buying new gear and clothing at the same time. This is an opportunity to let people know it’s you as soon as they see your bike, and that can be a whole lot of fun for any rider. 


Explore More Mods for the DT175

There’s a lot more to do to your bike, including piston kits and other major performance upgrades. Don’t be afraid to keep exploring once you’ve got the basics covered, because making a bike into a truly unique ride suited to your style and shape is one of the great joys of riding.