Running An Unorthodox Business? Try These Unorthodox Business Tips!

So you’ve started a small business that you already know might not make you millions of dollars.

Your company is selling a product or a service that serves a very particular niche in society.

It’s not going to please everyone and you’ve accepted that.



So how do you make sure you can make the most out of the business situation in which you’ve put yourself?

Just because you’ve started something that isn’t going to be as big as Apple, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact and find your own success.

Here are some unorthodox business tips that you may find helpful on your path!


Don’t instantly dismiss the Apple-Esque dream

Yes, I know I just highlighted the fact that you probably won’t be as big as Apple. But how can you be sure that your niche isn’t, in fact, something that will attract more customers than you think?

Think about it. Once upon a time, Apple was an extremely unorthodox company. The computers they made were closed systems, end to end.

That was something most computer users at the time balked at. But Mr. Jobs followed his gut, stayed weird, and became one of the most famous CEOs of all time.

So while it’s important to temper expectations, don’t assume you’ll 100% never appeal to the masses.

steve jobs



Make sure your marketing technique suits your philosophy

You may think that marketing companies will only work with businesses that they think will make them millions. But there are plenty of companies out there who specialise in assisting smaller, stranger businesses. If you need assistance with your marketing, then a company like Nicheworks may be just what you’re looking for.

If your business is aiming at a particular niche, then you’ve probably started a business you always wished existed. You should consider yourself your company’s number one fan. Don’t wait until a customer comes along to take that spot.

Be an expert of that particular niche. You knew how to fill the strange gap in the market other companies have neglected. In your marketing, take advantage of the fact that you have less competition. Be proud to be as different as you are.


Business is personal – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

So many business advice columns will urge you to keep business as impersonal as possible. To an extent, there is an importance in not mixing the two too much.

After all, if your business life and your personal life become one, then you’re just going to burn yourself out! But what you shouldn’t do is separate your personality and your love from the way you present your business.

business man



Don’t try to emulate what Wall Street or The Economist present to the masses as the “ideal business person”. Not only is that ideal cold and impersonal; you can only ever impersonate it imperfectly. Why try to impersonate anything? Get your company on social media and pour your personality into your customer service.

Engage with people who have enjoyed your products, or are just curious newcomers. Try not to spend too much time and energy on people who don’t seem very impressed by your business. Focus on your successes and more will come.