Twitter: Six Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Twitter: Six Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Twitter is increasingly used as a tool for personal branding, communication and information.

Your profile is visible to all, so you should present yourself in the right way, in order to be original.

To be impeccable, here there are the 7 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.


1. Having Your Twitter Profile Incomplete

Some people just forget to complete their profile. In many cases even forgetting to change the default egg of the avatar.

Would you be so anonymous?

You should spend a few minutes adding basic information such as interests and contacts. You can even add the URL of your blog / website.

Thus you’ll be able to transmit a first sense of security in those who land on your profile, raising the probability of a future interaction.

Even more if you are managing a corporate profile. But here, instead of a pretty face, just put the logo of the company!

2 . Following / Unfollowing Continuously

Strong ups and downs of Followers and Following will increase the suspicion among your audience and users, especially in this time of fake Twitter Followers.

You do not have to follow anyone, just concentrate on those who are really important for you.

And not following anyone, finally, shows that you’re just promoting yourself without showing any interest in the many interactions on the social network.

3. Retweeting Your Own Tweets

This happens when someone retweet one of your tweets and – in turn – you “retweet what happened“.

A redundant action even in trying to explain it, then imagine seeing on your profile! It seems you want to compliment with yourself.

Rather you should add tweets that have been successful in your favorites, along with those of others you have found useful.

Another practice to avoid is to explicitly ask for a ReTweet.

Don’t worry! If the content is of quality, rest assured that it will come by itself.

twitter-bird with "twitter" words

4. Setting Your Messages Only to a Certain Group of Users

Why excluding people who could actively contribute with their own personal experience to find solutions, to argue a thesis on the trending topic of the moment, and so on?

If your intention is mainly to sell, try to do it by asking as a solution to the problems of the people. Without bombarding promotional offers, perhaps using the :

The 10 Commandments To Increase Sales

If you use Twitter for other reasons, creating a magic circle with just a few other users is counterproductive, in the long run.

Which value are you giving?

5. Not Responding to Questions

It would be good practice to always be courteous and avoid the use of the autoresponder when not needed.

A little good manners, in short!

People like to know that on the other side of the screen there are human beings and not automatons who respond through mathematical algorithms.

6. Choosing the Quantity Rather than the Quality of Tweets

Sending a huge amount of tweets at the same time creates only great confusion and shock the users.

The likely consequence of this action is to be deleted from any list or even worse, you risk to be suspended from Twitter!

This social network rewards synthesis and quality: if you can not express good communication in 140 characters then you are using the wrong social channel.

Ask yourself why any user should open your link or retweet your message or follow your profile.

If you want to facilitate the reading of your tweets without taking up valuable space, you can shorten URLs thanks to some services like Google URL shortener, TinyURL or Bitly.

What about you? Are you doing one of these mistakes?

What is your experience with Twitter?

Thanks for sharing your thought with a comment below!

Author: Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.

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  1. Hi Erik,

    Twitter is just like any other social media platform that you should know how to use it exactly to not to ruin your profile and your online presence, those mistakes that you list is strict no on twitter. One of things that I didn’t understand and that will surely mark you as a spam is that to claim that your a professional social marketer or online marketer while your twitter profile shows an egg picture. Thanks for sharing this article.

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    • Hi Qasim,
      description is really important online, as your personal picture.

      There is no second chance to make a good first impression!

      Thanks for your comment here! 🙂

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  2. The only problem I face with twitter is that if your not online all the time you sure can miss alot of communications such as questions.

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    • You can still check it from your mobile devices! 😉

      By the way, Louis, I reply to mentions or questions even few hours later…
      I am not always online, of course.

      Thanks for your visit here.

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      • Hi Erik,
        Great post, I just shared this with my office mates, brilliantly explained.

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  3. I also agree, a useful and interesting article. I especially liked your sentences about not responding to questions. It is so easy to only use Twitter as a media to share my own articles, without really paying attention to others around me and possible comments and questions people might ask!

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    • Hi Sigbjorn,

      engagement is a vital part of social media.
      Without it, you are losing potential audience.

      Thanks for your visit and comment here! 🙂

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  4. Twitter used to be my top referral; but nowadays since I’m starting to put more and more time into Google+, things have changed a bit. I am putting in less time on Twitter and hence getting out much lesser than I used to get.

    Nevertheless I make sure I don’t shock my followers with blocks of tweet. Another mistake is tweeting your own stuff and ONLY your own stuff.

    Do you know what makes one look dumb on Twitter? The Egg profile picture! Common guys, for goodness sake!

    Thanks for writing this post Erik 🙂

    Post a Reply
    • And the funny part is that you can Still find accounts on Twitter with the Egg profile picture! 😀

      There are a lot of powerful marketing tools connected to Twitter, that is a Must for every online business owner.
      To mention some, JustRetweet or Triberr.
      I receive some great traffic using these tools.

      Thanks so much for your comment here, Jane.
      Really appreciated!

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  5. I think #6 is one of the most common made mistakes by plenty of Tweeters. It really takes away credibility and once that is gone you are basically worthless.

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    • That’s right Apollo.
      Sometimes people forget that it has more value a loyal group of 1000 followers, then 10.000 without any engagement.
      Thanks for sharing your point of view.

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  6. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing the top 6 twitter mistakes. Quality postings are required rather than quantity. Try to follow people within your niche in order to generate quality traffic.

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    • Hi Sarmista,
      thanks for adding that tip.
      That’s right, if you are an online marketer, you should concentrate yourself on that niche when engaging with Twitter followers.

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  7. Thanks Erik for sharing these, thanks God. I’m not doing any mistake. I agree with you we should try respond to question. We should follow people related to our niche.

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  8. Realy helpfull article! thanks for share 🙂

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  9. Erik, you may want to remove the tip regarding the space gained by using URL shorteners. Such short links didn’t save space in 2013, and they don’t save space in 2017. They saved space until 2011 😉

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