The office environment is a delicate ecology that affects work morale, production, and creativity. Studies have shown that over 51 percent of office workers are generally disengaged at work and a further 17 percent reported they “actively disengage” while in the office. Performance is also greatly affected by light, air quality, temperature, and noise conditions. It’s easy to transform an office environment to create a positive and healthy workspace, improving productivity. We’ve outlined below how to create a positive and productive working environment through the consideration of office plants, temperature, and air quality. 


Plants for Air Detoxification


Image via Flickr by Starr Environmental

Introducing living plants to the office can detoxify the recycled air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has produced findings of the health effects from indoor air that is not purified. It was reported that indoor air could be highly damaging to the people exposed to it daily. The use of plants and air purifiers can help to clean the air and encourage a healthier environment.

When it comes to deciding on the right plants for your office space, assess the light available for the plants and position each one according to its needs. If the office space is large and open, an established palm or fiddle leaf might create some containment to improve concentration. Smaller plants can brighten a smaller space and still purify the air. Choosing the right plants to create a positive and healthier working environment can help boost productivity in any office.


Air Purification

Air quality and performance goes beyond plants. Research has shown that poor air quality is directly linked to negative feelings from employees and visitors. Poor air quality is responsible for short-term health issues such as irritation to the nose and throat, dizziness, and fatigue. These ailments add to sick days and disrupt workflow. There are more alarming long-term effects of polluted air environments. These include respiratory diseases and cancers. 

Introducing an air purifier can drastically improve the circulation and air quality in the office environment. It can remove pollutants and microns that would normally gather indoors and end up being inhaled. The office air will then be comparable to outside air, meaning people will feel less irritated and can concentrate for longer periods. This promotes a cleaner workspace, fewer illnesses, and higher efficiency. 


Temperature for Productivity

Indoor climate control has been discussed for many years. Current studies have shown that the warmer end of the scale is ideal for comfort, creativity, and productivity in an office environment. The ideal temperature has now been set between 72 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. During testing at these temperatures, accuracy among employees was raised to 100 percent with a 10 percent error margin. The colder environments returned 54 percent accuracy with an error rate of 25. Simple changes in climate can literally double the productivity (and possibly the quality of work) in the office. 


Using the work environment as a way to create inspiration, comfort, and ease for employees is a simple and effective way to further office morale and productivity. The human body works best when it doesn’t need to focus on constant adjustments to find comfort and safety. If the working environment can provide alluring conditions, employees will likely enjoy their time spent at work and ultimately boost achievements.