Back to Basics: Mastering the Essentials of Quality Content

A lot of people will read online content and think that they can easily emulate it. It can’t be so hard to write a good blog post or web page, can it?

But many people who try can fail at even the basics, leaving their content with a lot to be desired.

Before you go tearing off with the aim to produce the best content ever, you need to get a handle on the essentials.

There’s a lot to think about, from selecting a topic to getting your spelling and grammar right.

Take care of these must-do elements before you start refining your content.


Choose the Most Relevant Topics

The biggest mistake you can make is writing the wrong content for your audience. If you write about subjects that have no relevance to your brand, it’s not going to make you any money.

You need to create content that enhances your business. It should draw in new people and keep them engaged.

To do this, you need to know who your target audience is, so pinning it down is your first task. Once you know who they are, you have to consider what they like and what they’re searching for.

For example, if you make motorcycle helmets, they could be looking for anything to do with riding.


Joe the Goat Farmer


Excellent Grammar and Spelling

There’s one thing that people seem to struggle with sometimes, despite the fact that it should be obvious.

It happens especially with personal blogs, even if the person behind it is trying to make money from their content.

Your spelling and grammar need to be as pristine as possible. You might be writing in a friendly and casual tone, but that doesn’t mean that your writing should be sloppy.

It’s so easy to check everything with an online spelling and grammar checker. You really have no excuse not to get it right.


Readable Layout

Reading big chunks of text can be difficult for anyone. Even if you’re able to concentrate on a long piece, it’s not easy to read something that doesn’t have enough paragraphs.

Try to create a layout for your piece that makes it easy not just to read in-depth, but to scan as well.

Some people will want to read every word carefully. Others want to skim quickly through your text. Smaller paragraphs are better wherever they’re possible because they’re easier to process.


Accompanying Images

You might have written the best content ever, but it’s not very visually appealing without images. Adding in photos or other pictures helps to emphasize the text and to break it up.

Sometimes people have short attention spans, and you have to keep them reading. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on quality images, though.

You can find the best free stock photos for your content on a number of different sites. Try to find free images before you consider paying for anything.

You have a good chance of finding something decent to use that’s completely free.


You need to get the basics right first if you want to produce quality content.

Start from the beginning and you’ll soon have some expert skills under your belt.