Moving into a new office space can be an interesting aspect of running a business. It is a vital milestone for helping in your business growth and prosperity. The experts exclaim a wrong office lease can turn the tables around and restrict your business growth.  

Yes, choosing the right office space for your business can be a daunting process, no matter the scale of your business. Yes, whether it is big or boutique- you need to consider a world of things. You need to have a clear understanding of your space requirements both in the current and future period, the location, facilities, and the length of lease you hold.  

Now that you know that your office space affects your routine operations and staff morale but lays an impact on your brand image. The things that affect your decision are many-fold. Thus, taking a glimpse at factors crucial to your decision-making process: 



Location plays a vital role in choosing a workplace, and by far is the most important. The location you choose should be convenient for your team members, as well as your clients and customers to get in and out of your office. The experts at Del Mar office space for rent recommend choosing a location that has proximity to things like public transport, green space, parking, food, and other amenities. They are all pro for such considerations because these factors contribute to an ideal combination for modern workplaces. It also becomes vital to know the proximity of your business to your partners and competitors.  




Another vital factor for businesses when choosing a new office resides with a price. Spending too little will end you being unhappy, or see yourself moving out after a few months. Spending too much, so, may lead you to struggle with rent or downsizing. None of these scenarios are apt for a business enterprise. Some other questions that you must consider while choosing your office space are: 

  • Will I be in the position of paying a three- month rent deposit for this office? 
  • Are there any hidden costs in the name of Maintenance, parking costs, etc.)?  
  • Is the price in sync with similar office spaces in the area? 

Having answers to these questions gives you a broad sign of hidden costs and affordability while ensuring that you make a trusted decision. All you’ve to do is indulge in a quick comparison process to make sure you’re getting value for every penny spent.  



No doubt, location, and price play a pivotal role but hold direct proportionality with the size of the commercial premises you opt for. The real estate experts suggest having around 70 square feet of space per person. This decision depends upon the business because they have a better idea of their employee’s well-being and needs. For instance, if they need bigger desks or larger storage space, then the figure varies. There are some other questions also that’ll help you to figure out the right size. These are: 

  • Will I have at least 70 square foot space per person? 
  • Will I be able to accommodate more people as per my growth projections? 
  • Will I have a dedicated space for holding meetings with my clients? 
  • Does the office space have social/ recreational space for the employees? 

Having a cramped office causes a reduction in productivity, so skimping on the floor space is an out of question process.  


Find your Nook and Expect Better

Infrastructure, style, design, wellness, and tech are a few of the many things that deserve your attention. Making the wrong choice can impact your ability to attract and keep your staff. It can also cost your clients and business opportunities. Thus, we recommend doing your homework, taking out work and time for going through this checklist to find a perfect workspace for yourself.