6 Powerful Email Tactics For A Successful Campaign

In the wide world of internet marketing, email is still one of the most powerful tools you have.

It’s one of our favourites too. Unlike social media, you can get really personal with each and every customer and user.

In fact, it’s the the only way you can make a real, personal connection with everyone.

It’s the closest thing to a real-world interaction you can get in the digital realm. 

Email may seem like an outdated tactic. Marketers often put their time and money into Facebook, Twitter and whatever else is the social media du jour.

The truth is, email has outlasted them all. And it will continue to do so. It is still the number one method of communication on the web.

Nothing has come close to replacing it. With that in mind, here’s how you create a more powerful, impactful campaign.


1. Create a Consistent Voice

Yes, we’ll look at improving click-through rates and trick tactics shortly. But first, let’s look at the bigger picture.

You’ve really got to assess whether your content and emails have an impact. They are a great way to extend your company brand and build your personal voice.

There’s nothing worse than a bland email devoid of personality.

Make sure it is an extension of the great content your produce on your blog. Keep the tone of voice and ensure users know its you, even from the subject line.


2. Make It Exclusive

This one is simple human psychology.

We all love to feel part of a club. We like to be the only ones in on the secret! We love exclusive offers and behind the scenes secrets.

This is the best way to encourage signups and it’s the best way to generate clicks and open rates.

Make people feel privileged to receive your emails, not enraged!


3. Intrigue and Tease 

When you send a newsletter, you’re competing against thousands of other emails every day.

We asked a number of people how many emails they get every day. The answers ranged but it’s usually anywhere between 20 to 200!

The biggest fight is simply getting people to open your email. Use an intriguing and personal subject line. Make them feel like they have to open it.


4. Remind People What You Do 

Think about how many services and emails you sign up for over the years.

Seems like hundreds, right? Well, it probably is.

And that means your signups are no different. Just because they’re on your email list doesn’t immediately mean they remember why!

Remind them who you are and why they signed up for you newsletter.


5. Be Personal 

There’s nothing worse than an automated, impersonal email.

It’s the fastest way to build up unopened newsletters and unsubscribers. Worse still, you could be reported for spam.

Use the recipients name in the email and remember their preferences.

You may also use personalized services to send Christmas and Birthday cards to you users. Why? Simple, personal touches like this will work wonders.


6. Lure Them to Your Website

Finally, your work isn’t done when they open your email.

Lure them back to your website and remind them why they signed up in the first place.

Provide them with great content and exclusive offers.

Turn a passive customer into an active one.


There you have it, folks!

It’s not rocket science, it’s simple common sense.

Stand out from the crowd of emails with these fantastic tips!