Are you looking for some ways of simplifying your working process during the quarantine? Do you want to improve the workflow and make your business more successful? Do you wish to speed up the process of solving various problems? Nowadays, almost all employers face such difficulties. But they can be easily overcome if you implement a system of electronic signing the documents in your company. Thanks to SignNow service, you can sign PDF documents just with one click even sitting at home. Just imagine how you can benefit from this efficient feature. So, what is SignNow and how to deal with it?

General Overview of SignNow Service

SignNow is a service that provides its users with an opportunity to digitalize the process of signing documents and approve some important issues quickly and reliably. Thanks to this useful feature, you will be able to eliminate the chance of mistakes and make your team more productive. It is possible to take advantage of this service for everyone, no matter which systems and apps are used by your workers.

The website of SignNow service is well-organized and full of various beneficial features. It is divided into specific sections. So, if you need to drag to light certain details, you will easily find them just by clicking on the necessary section.

If you are already aware of all peculiarities related to the work with SignNow, you can start immediately by just opening the main page. There, you will notice several main options:

  • To send any of your documents to some users for signing;

  • To add your own signature to any necessary document;

  • To begin a free trial of dealing with SignNow just by leaving your email without using your credit card.

All documents uploaded to the services are protected reliably due to various authentication and encryption features. SignNow guarantees the security of every document according to ESIGN Act and ATP. In case you need an extra level of safety of your personal information, you can rely on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

How Is It Possible to Sign a PDF Document?

SignNow service is especially efficient because it is supported by various systems and applications. It is obvious that an electronic signature can be added to a PDF document only when you are online. But you need just a few seconds and only several clicks to complete this simple but important action. And it does not matter where you are because electronic signatures can be added from any place in the world.

In more detail, you can use the following systems and browsers to sign a PDF document:

  • Google Chrome (it is one of the most popular services due to its high speed and developed abilities);

  • Gmail (it is rather convenient because people from all over the world use Gmail service to send letters and documents, and now, they can use it to sign them);

  • Mobile browser (it is the best solution when you have no opportunity of using a computer or laptop);

  • iPhone (it can be rather quickly because many people have iPhones, and they just need to download a special application from the AppStore to sign a document);

  • Android (it works just like the previous example, but you need to install a SignNow app from the Play Market).

Main Features of SignNow Service

First of all, the service gives its users a wide range of options for working with documents. You can not only sign your documents electronically but also send them to other users for signing. After clicking on the “Invite to Sign” option that is available for any uploaded document, you will need to choose the users. They will receive your invitation immediately.


In addition, you can define the order of signing in case it is an obligatory feature of document validity. If an order does not matter, you can send one document to many users simultaneously. For this purpose, an option of bulk invitation is available. You can find it near the title of the document in the section “More”. You just need to select the necessary users pointing out their emails. As a result, all of them will receive the same copies of the document and will be able to sign them.

To make sure that your document is successfully signed by the time you need it, SignNow offers a feature of setting deadlines and sending reminders. When you send a document for signing, you can choose a certain expiration date. Receivers will see it together with a document. A standard expiration date is one month, but it is possible to extend it to 180 days. You can also choose the option of reminding, and a system will send signers a special notification about the document and deadlines.

Separate Approach to Every Industry

SignNow takes into account that every field or industry has its own peculiarities. Nevertheless, it can be useful and beneficial for all of them. The website has a separate section devoted to SignNow features according to the following spheres:

  • Healthcare (security of patients’ medical histories and intake forms is guaranteed);

  • HR (you can send HR forms and receive job applications online);

  • Finance and tax accounting (you can send tax forms and invoices as well as eliminate accounting errors);

  • Legal industry (it is possible to create a signing link for any legal form and share it to necessary users);

  • Education (you can organize the handling of students’ papers more easily);

  • High Tech (it is possible to implement a new product or process very quickly by collecting necessary signs online);

  • Sports (you can close any deals and sign contracts online);

Be sure, SignNow will make your business more efficient and successful.