When you run a business, you have to rely on the technology within it. That’s because it helps you and your employees to be productive and efficient.

Most firms have an audit system in place for their IT, so upgrades get carried out every so often.

But, there are a few businesses that are happy to use older, outdated technology. They feel they don’t “need” to upgrade as they can’t justify the cost, for example.

Does that sound like your view on technology? If so, I’d like to share with you six reasons why your IT might not be fit for purpose anymore:


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1. Your old computers aren’t energy-efficient

One of your biggest operating costs will come down to energy usage. Are you fed up of sky-high electricity bills?

If so, it’s likely part of the issue will be down to your old IT equipment.

Older systems aren’t energy-efficient and will, of course, use a lot of power. Today’s modern PCs and laptops are far greener by comparison.


2. You can’t upgrade your software

New releases of software often demand stronger processors and extra RAM to run at their best. Have you got a bunch of old Pentium systems with 1GB of RAM installed?

If so, it’s likely they won’t run the latest software applications.

Ask any IT support firm and they’ll tell you how important it is to use current generation hardware. Older PCs just don’t cut the mustard; I’m afraid.


3. You can’t update your operating system

New releases of Windows or Mac OS X, for example, mean more secure operating systems.

You can only install newer versions of such systems if you’ve got a computer capable of running them.

The downside of using older operating systems is you’re more vulnerable to hacking. You’ll also find that some hardware and accessories won’t run on older operating systems.


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4. They take FOREVER to do anything

Are you staff accustomed to making a hot drink while their PCs boot up in the morning?

If so, it’s a sure-fire sign that your computers are too slow and aren’t fit for purpose.

Slow PCs and laptops will affect productivity and make your company less efficient. It’s time to scrap those old systems and upgrade to the latest technology!

5. The Internet always seems slow

You might have a super-fast fiber Internet connection in your office.

But, have you ever wondered why your Web browsing is always so slow? The culprit lies in the speed of your system.

If you’ve got an older generation processor, it can’t render information fast. That means you have to wait for things to happen in the background.

So, before you blame the issue on your fiber connection, look at your PC speeds first.


6. Your PCs and printers are too loud

As computer equipment like PCs and printers age, components start to wear out. The cooling fans may become noisy because of failing bearings, for example.

Your printers will have at least 20 paper jams a day.


So, isn’t it about time you thought about upgrading your IT systems?