Steel is one of the strongest metals and when coated properly offers lasting durability. Steel is the material of choice when it comes to the production of piping. There are many reasons this metal is the choice for piping applications and learning about these can help companies choose the right materials for the job. 


Steel Is a Sustainable Metal  

Steel is one of the most sustainable metals because it is fully recyclable. In the United States, steel is one of the most recycled metals and much of the worlds structural steel is made from recycled metal. Companies like Varner Pipe create steel products that are sustainable and durable. 


5 Important Benefits of Using Steel Piping

 There are many benefits to using steel piping in a variety of industries. The properties of steel piping allow for strong applications that are able to offer protection against corrosion and damage. The following are some of the biggest benefits of using steel pipes in construction and other applications. 


  1. Steel is extremely durable and can withstand great amounts of pressure. It can be used for water and gas delivery without breaking down or corroding. Metals such as iron cannot withstand the level of pressure steel can so steel offers protection when it comes to many pipe applications.


  1. Steel is also able to handle vibrations and shock that occur with heavy traffic. Companies use steel pipes for underground construction and pipework.Steel pipesgo under roads or where heavy foot traffic occurs because they can handle the immense vibrations and shock without breaking down. 


  1. As a material, steel is easy to maintain so it is ideal for underground applications. Once put in place, the pipes will not need a replacement for decades. With the ease of maintenance, construction is easier to carry out and more effective in scope.


  1. The cost of steel is more affordable than some types of metals, making steel a cost-effective choice for the government and consumers. When the steel pipework is installed it lasts for decades so it offers great savings to purchasers.


  1. Steel is one of the easiest pipe materials to install. The ease of installation allows for all types of applications that require extreme strength and a timely installation process. With steel pipes, construction projects and pipework come together much faster so companies complete their projects without stress.


What Makes Steel So Strong?

 Steel is much stronger than iron because it has the addition of carbon. Cementite further strengthens steel, giving it its characteristic durability. 

If chromium mixes with steel, it becomes stainless steel which is used in a variety of piping applications. Steel and other additives combine to create different types of steel, including carbon steel and stainless. Manufacturers mix metals according to the needs of the individual purchasing steel products. 



The installation of steel piping is beneficial to everyone involved in the project. From construction to plumbing, steel is a choice that is favored by all. 

Those who use steel pipes in their projects can rest assured this metal will hold up to all types of abuse. It will last for decades without breaking down or becoming damaged. With steel pipes in place, the transfer of water and gas is safer and more secure than with other types of materials.