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Got a solution that certainly meets your current and future needs for Exchange Online messaging reports. A versatile reporting tool on Microsoft Exchange that is compatible with your on-promises or hybrid organization here you can learn more about these Office 365 usage reports.It has the best products. They include reporting for exchange online, reporting for exchange on-premises and store log.

Why Promodag

These reports are designed in a way that they are able to allow you check the trend of those who use the tool and those who don’t. They measure the adoption of the system through the study of traffic changes, determine duration peaks.

With such reports you are able to know departments that are the largest consumers of the messaging service, and who are their correspondents. These reports also allow you to easily do an inventory of users’ mailboxes . They also show the number,age and size of items contained in mailboxes.

Facing your legal obligations is made easy. These reports allows you to verify that the rules in force in the company are respected. Provide legal compliance reports on individual users’ mailboxes. Controlling specific addresses or domains to check for any unprofessional messages.

This system optimizes the use of your resources by showing unused mailboxes so you can remove them and save licenses. Minimize mailboxes by size to allocate them the best economical subscription. Eliminate public folders containing outdated, confidential data.

This toolbox provides reliable indicators for daily management, identify future needs, strategize future goals. Identify potential irregularities and past patterns by consolidating the data you have and comparing it with the past data. Categorize the mailboxes by context and decide which quota to apply to them. Automatically send reports to users. It also manages the content of user mailboxes.

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