With more businesses requiring employees and contractors to bring their own device, the importance of mobile security becomes even more important than ever. No longer is data security in the business the main issue, now it spans to all devices used regardless of ownership. Not only can we share with you some tips and tricks, but also what to do in the event your mobile device has been hacked.


I Have Been Compromised

You are more than likely reading this because you have found yourself in the situation in which your device has been hacked. It’s an ugly feeling to know someone has violated you and now has access to some sensitive information. First and foremost, talk to your managers and IT crew about the situation. One of the first key steps to take is cell phone forensics. It essentially takes care of two birds with one stone. Having a cell phone forensics specialist get into the phone means you can get back your information you need for both personal and business purposes. It also means they can investigate who hacked in and took the information illegally. While prosecuting can become an expensive endeavor, it is important to take that step to assuage future attempts for you and others who could fall victim.


Update ASAP

Cell phones often need updates much like your laptop does. Some people fall into a bad habit of ignoring the update notification until the device won’t function without it. Rather than putting it off, do it right away. The updates aren’t just for ease of use, it’s also updating its protections that come with the operating system.


Be Wise About Apps

Apps are designed to make our jobs and lives easier. Be mindful of what you are installing and what permissions you need to grant. Usage of microphone or camera are important for some apps, others not so much. Really think about how the app functions and how you will use it before installing. Apple has taken great pains to keep apps being uploaded with hacking capabilities, Google doesn’t have the same strict vetting process. If you are using an Android phone, be extra careful! Not only does Android fall victim to hacking apps in their Play Store, they also allow for third-party app downloads. We highly recommend you do not add an app from a third party. It may not have been vetted at all and could increase your chances of getting hacked.


Check Your Phone Often

It may sound tedious but checking what is on your phone regularly can help you keep hackers at bay. If you don’t recall downloading an app to your system, get rid of it. If it won’t come off, ask for help at your nearest retail store to see if they can help you get it off. If not, a cell phone forensics specialist will come into play.


Lock It Up

Aside from keeping the phone with you at all times and making sure it’s secured when you can’t have it on you, utilizing the screen lock can keep a thief out of your phone. Some phones offer a choice between a drawn image (one you create with your finger) or a lock code. While they aren’t the most reliable when it comes to a determined hacker, it is still something that can slow them down while you try to get your phone back. If you are concerned about emergency phone use, most phones have the option to press a button on the lock screen so that you can make an emergency call.

Some of these tips seem like common sense but many people become so comfortable with their phones, they forget about the tiny details. Be smart, think about safety often, and you should be able to avoid being hacked.