Builders have had it tough over the last few years. High costs and financial problems meant some builds never got finished, while others didn’t even begin. But things are improving steadily in the building trade.

There are more investors willing to see projects through. This means builders and other trades are in high demand once more. However, not everyone can turn the profits they once used to see.

These days, costs need to be cut so you can offer the most competitive quote for any building project. That’s not easy. Most builders work long hours each day. It’s tricky to find the time to find savings.

Don’t panic. There are some simple ways to reduce your costs without costing yourself extra time.


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Start with your contractors. Picking the same team time and again means you can offer them more cost effective terms. It helps if you can develop a good rapport with the people you use.

This will improve motivation and the quality of their work. If you are offering them regular jobs, they may be willing to bring their charges down. It’s like buying in bulk.

Using the same team can also help you win more contracts. Project managers prefer hiring teams rather than lots of individuals.

If you regularly work with someone, that provides a good recommendation and approval of that person’s work.

When you hire machinery, consider how much your time is worth. If you can hire equipment that does the job more quickly, this will keep your cost down, and the cost to your project manager. Take a look at for inspired ways to achieve this.

Precision and safety are also really important. It makes sense to use equipment in this way.

Big projects involving excavation can be time-consuming. A lot can go wrong, and it can be stressful for everyone on site. It’s important you choose the right equipment and the right team to be sure everything can go smoothly.

Any delays can be hugely expensive. You could run over budget. The job may even need to be shut down meaning you’ll lose out financially. It’s best to do it right first time.

You can also save costs by running your business from your mobile devices. When you don’t need to pay the overheads of an office, you can save a substantial sum of taxes, energy, and staffing. If you look on you can see there are apps for instant invoicing and payments.

You can dictate letters and emails on the go. And you can, of course, take and make phone calls from your smartphone. Even your website can be updated from a smartphone.

It can be very tempting to buy expensive, high-end equipment to help you get a job done. There is a simplistic way to calculate whether this is a good idea or not. Find a typical hire price for the kit.

Multiply it by the number of times you’re likely ever to use it. If it exceeds the purchase price, then it could be worth buying. If not, save yourself a fortune and hire.

It’s important to cut costs without cutting corners when you’re a builder. Finding the right team and the right services are often key to this. See where you can make savings in your business today.