SEO is a must if one is to make it in the e-commerce space. That’s because it’s a crowded space, and only those that rank well on search engines stand in a position to grow their market share. For instance, if a website ranks on the second page on Google, no matter how good the products are, chances are that it will not draw much traffic from potential clients. It is made worse by the fact that some of the players in the industry are multinationals with deep pockets such as Amazon and Alibaba. You are probably wondering, is SEO just for e-commerce businesses? The answer is NO. Whatever business you are involved in, you need to set aside a budget for SEO. Here’s why.


Search engine algorithms are constantly changing

In a bid to give their customers the most targeted search results, search engine companies are constantly changing their search algorithms. This affects all businesses irrespective of their line of work. If you do not keep in tune with these changes, your visibility on the web will reduce as well, and this will result in lost business. To avoid such a scenario, every business owner that has a web presence needs to invest in SEO. With a good SEO partner like, you should be in a position to keep track of these changes in algorithm, affordably.


The online marketplace is competitive

The online marketplace has no boundaries, which means that whatever product you are offering, someone else is offering something similar, or even better. As such, you need to constantly promote your product to ensure that they are visible to your target market. The only way to stay on the edge is to invest in SEO. It is SEO that guarantees your visibility on search engines and social media. It’s a tiresome process and costs money, but it is also the best for gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.


A better customer experience

Like in a brick-and-mortar business, you need to make your online customer experience as smooth as possible. That is how you get repeat business and grow your brand. While many factors come into play when creating a good user experience online, SEO is the most important. It is SEO that ensures that your customers do not struggle too much trying to access your website. With good SEO, your clients can easily access it fast, via their mobile phones. Nothing pisses customers off than a website that takes forever to load. Search engines penalize such websites too, and you can quickly slide down search engine rankings if you don’t up your SEO game. 


It opens the doors to new opportunities

With good SEO, search engines will tend to direct traffic for related keywords to your site. This can help give you an idea of what customers are looking for besides what you are selling. You can then leverage this information to expand your product offering to meet these emerging needs. Not only does this help grow your revenues, but also your brand equity long-term.