They say you never see a poor farmer but the simple truth is that farming is hard work and expensive. Although modern equipment has made many of the processes simpler, the equipment can cost upward of $200,000 for each item.  

That means you need financial backing from a reputable firm specializing in agricultural finance and a profitable idea. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of profitable farm ventures that don’t require a small fortune to get you started. If you’re considering starting a farm venture, here are 5 great ideas to get you going. 


1. Chickens

When people say chickens they generally think of egg-laying chickens, collecting the eggs, and selling them.  However, a more attractive option is to go with broiler chickens. These are bred to sell.  

An egg-laying chicken will take approximately 9 months to reach egg-laying age and then you’re dependent on them producing a healthy quantity of eggs.  

In contrast, a broiler chicken simply needs to be fed. Within 6-9 weeks they’ll be approximately 4 pounds in weight and ready to sell, potentially for $6 a pound!  

You simply need a chicken house and plenty of pasture land. Chickens that are allowed to pasture are usually more valuable per pound. 

The setup costs are minimal and the potential profit is good, as well as rapid. 


2. Microgreens

Microgreens are another fast turnaround farming venture. A microgreen is effectively a very young plant. Because you don’t need to wait for them to fully mature they can be ready for market in as little as 3 weeks and sell for as much as $15 per pound.  

Just make sure there is a market before you start growing your specific type of microgreen. 


3. Rabbits

Rabbit is a staple on many menus around the world. They breed constantly which will help to ensure you always have fresh ones to sell.  

Rabbits will be big enough to sell for meat within 12 weeks of them being born. All you’ll need is a building to raise them in and to make sure that predators can’t get to them. 

It s possible to breed rabbits on pasture land but not all rabbits do well in this environment and it will be harder to protect them from predators.


4. Flowers

One market that consistently does well is flowers. They are given as gifts to mark many different occasions throughout the year and they are a nice addition to any home. 

The good news is you don’t need a lot of space to grow flowers, simply fill your current garden with one or two types of flowers and then sell them at your local market. 

You can then increase the size of your venture by purchasing land near you. As always, verify the market demand before you start growing. 


5. Mushrooms

This is an unusual one but has the potential to be incredibly popular. Mushrooms grow quickly, generally being ready for the market within 12 weeks. You will need to ensure they have a damp place to grow and plenty of fertilizing materials to inspire their growth. 

Again, check the market demands before you start your new farming venture.