Most drivers have experienced the frustration of a dead battery. When a car battery has finally given up, the car won’t start, leaving a driver potentially stranded and seeking answers from a VIN lookup or a mechanic. Instead of experiencing the unfortunate surprise of a dead battery, it’s a better idea to be prepared and to understand how long a car battery typically lasts for your car’s make and model. Here is information about how long a Ford Mustang’s car battery lasts. 


Average Car Battery Lifespan

Ford Mustang drivers should know the answer to the question, how long do car batteries last? On average car batteries should last between four and seven years. Ford Mustangs of today have many more electronic features, such as automatic windows, lights and other upgrades, which may impact the battery life. The type of car battery needed for a Ford Mustang is dependent on the car’s features and year. 


Factors That Shorten Battery Life 

In some situations, the car battery may not last as long. Certain conditions may mean more frequent battery replacements for the Ford Mustang. Climate is a big part of battery drain issues. Cars that are driven and stored in certain climates, such as extreme heat or cold, may need a new battery sooner than a vehicle driven in a more temperate or mild climate. Additionally, driving habits and trip lengths may also impact the battery life. Frequent, short trips may shorten the life of a car battery. 


Get More From a Battery

It’s also possible to make a battery last longer if drivers adopt some helpful habits. First, they must avoid too many short trips with their car to give the battery more time to charge. They should also take care to not have the radio or the electronics system on while the engine is not running to extend the time between a new car battery replacement. Drivers must also periodically inspect the battery area for problems like corrosion. 


Signs of a Battery Issue 

There are some common signs of a battery problem that may signal a replacement is due soon. The most obvious sign of a battery issue is when the car won’t start. Other subtle signs include dim headlights, the check engine light, an engine that starts slow or an unpleasant smell. 


Replacing the Battery 

If your Ford Mustang has a battery problem, it may be time to replace it. It’s best to choose a fresh battery that hasn’t been sitting in the manufacturer’s or store’s warehouse for too long. Be sure to review the battery’s warranty before purchasing to get an idea of the longevity. Once your battery is installed, ask about recycling your old battery. 


Drive Without Worrying About Your Battery

It’s not wise to drive around with a battery that you can’t trust. Dealing with extreme temperatures in winter and the heat of summer may make an older, worn battery finally stop working and leave a driver stuck. Choose the best battery option for your Ford Mustang so you can enjoy your ride and get the most power and performance out of your vehicle.