It can be hard for companies of any size to keep on top of their communications costs. When you think about the number of internal calls that are made, even within a small company, you can quickly see those costs rack up. And, that’s just one little example.

Even small businesses and one-man bands can suffer from comms costs that are higher than they should be. Think about the amount of time that small business owners spend on the phone or email account, just answering generic queries. It’s all time that is taken away from the real business of making money.

So, today, we thought we would give you a few simple tips to cut down on the communications costs of your business. It’s a great way to lower your monthly expenditure. Take a read, and see if there are any areas you think you might be able to exploit.




Get a dedicated phone team

Your first step is to take yourself away from answering phones. As a business owner, the calls you make are the ones that will make you money, not the calls you take.

So, have a dedicated team put in place. If you are a small business, however, that might not be an option for you. So, look into hiring a call centre, or even a virtual assistant, who can screen your calls and contact you when it’s important.


Lose the legacy phone systems

Regular phone systems that connect to the local exchange are handy; there’s no doubt. But, they are also expensive. You can get much better deals and spend far less if you embrace IP telephony instead.

According to industry experts Star 21, there are plenty of phone systems that can reduce your costs, such as the LG Ericsson iPECS system. If you want a low-cost system in place, then looking at IP is one of the best ways of driving your comms expenditure down.


Look to the cloud

Cloud technology has made it simple for companies to scale up and scale down as and when they need to. And, because of its importance in communications, it’s something you should all be thinking about.

It’s lightweight, and you only pay for what you need – there is no better reason to look into cloud communications packages.


Train your employees

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to cut the costs for your communications is to train your staff. Think about the number of calls you have made in the past due to a mix-up. It might be your employee’s fault, or it could be your customer’s. Either way, staff training can help.

It will reduce employee mistakes that cost you time and money to fix. And, it will help staff react better to customer errors, and ensure that they know how to deal with them.

Every single customer complaint you receive, you will be paying for in some way. So, training employees is an absolute must.


We’re keen to hear from anyone out there who has managed to cut the costs of their communications. Ideally, without losing business, too!

Let us know about your experiences by getting in touch.