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Company cars come with a lot of benefits – for both you and your employees.

At first glance, you might think that it will be an unnecessary cost, and of course, there will be financial considerations to make.

But, make no mistake about it, there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth it.

Here are five reasons to invest in company cars for your employees.


Cheaper than you think

Car manufacturers and dealers love getting involved with businesses, and they are often willing to give you a good deal. Better, in fact, than you would get as a private buyer.

For example, if you choose a particular manufacturer for every vehicle in your fleet, it’s guaranteed income for them for many years to come. The car type that you choose will have an impact on your fleet insurance, the more expensive the higher your fleet insurance premium. To get the best rate of fleet insurance check out comparative sites like Comparefleetinsurance or GoCompare.

And when you buy in bulk, of course, it’s a lot cheaper. The same applies to local dealers, too. If you get all your vehicles from them, they will offer you those cars for comparative peanuts.


Options galore

Whatever your business needs, there is a company out there that can service them. Trucks, cars, lorries – it doesn’t matter.

Think about what you want for your business – it could be delivery options, for example.

Or you could simply want to give your salespeople a mode of transport that you can keep track of (more on that shortly).

Plenty of services, manufacturers and dealerships out there will provide you with the vehicles you need, and at a cost that you can afford.


Fully trackable

If you give your employees a company car to drive, you need to know they are driving it well. And, with all the GPS tracking and telematics systems that are currently available, you can do so with ease.

They are great for ensuring your employees are sticking to the national speed restrictions. You can also use them to defend insurance claims in the event of an accident.

And, with the right company policies in place, you can take yourself out of the firing line should something terrible happen.


Free advertising

Branding your company cars can increase knowledge of your firm’s identity. It works both locally and wherever your employees travel.

A sign on a car door here, or a logo display on a truck there – it all helps to get your name out there.

And, despite more modern marketing techniques taking precedent for many businesses, it still works.

You just don’t know who will pull up next to one of your vans and need your service – but if they do, you will be on their minds when decide to take things further.


Green credentials

You can also use a company fleet to prove your eco-friendly credentials.

As the general public become more green-aware, many are starting to make conscious decisions about the businesses they use.

So, whatever industry you work in, if you have a fleet of electric or hybrid cars, you can expect to pick up some interest. Particularly from the more eco-friendly crowd.


Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to look into a fleet of cars for your company.

But each of these brings so many benefits to your business that it would be foolish not to embrace them.