Once you leave academia, you spend the majority of your life involved in either a career or an entrepreneurial endeavor. The amount of money you receive from your occupation fluctuates over time and hopefully increases as you become more experienced. Once you become settled in your work life, starting a family and creating your path in life becomes appealing. As a young adult, it is common to believe that you will be working indefinitely and at least one stream of income will hit your bank account. However, life is full of surprises, and financial circumstances can change quickly. While the labor market is in good condition at the moment, this is not a guarantee moving forward with more positions receiving the automation treatment. To be able to support yourself at the end of the road, it is essential to invest in your retirement.


Investing Young

There are various reasons as to why some families possess wealth and others are unable to break the vicious cycle of poverty. These reasons span generations and are primarily due to circumstances outside of the control of younger generations. With this said, investing at a young age is one way of breaking this cycle and being in a financially stable position once your career has concluded. Parents who are interested in helping adolescents invest in the future typically reach out to financial professionals such as Don Gayhardt for assistance. Many believe compound interest is a millionaire’s best friend, and young investors will become well acquainted with this new friend.


Opening Retirement Accounts

Youth is a period that moves faster than expected and turns into old age before you know it. While you are still able to work, you can invest in the latter stage of life that should involve laying out at the beach with your spouse. Opening a retirement account is an excellent way to begin accumulating wealth over time while employed or running a business. One can make the argument that investing in one’s future is a crucial step toward actually becoming an adult. As an adolescent, your parents or guardians are responsible for your present and future well-being. When you begin investing in your future, you start taking control of your financial destiny on this planet.


Determining Monthly Investment Amount

Contingent on the position that you hold and the income you are bringing home, the amount you will be able to invest will vary. There are certain obligations such as student and other outstanding debt that may require attention too. Many people in rough financial circumstances believe they do not make enough money to invest appropriately. However, any financial planner will let you know that investing something is better than withholding income that most likely goes toward conspicuous consumption. The amount you choose to invest every month may not appear to be much at the time, but will inevitably accumulate over time. If you are not already investing in your future, today is the perfect day to take that first step for the future you.