A lot of business owners have a poor outlook when it comes to health and safety because it is an additional cost.

On the face of it, they cannot see what they get from a safe work environment. Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it?

By promoting health and safety, you are investing in your employees and their ability to complete the day’s workload.

And, from a purely business point of view, you reduce your liability should something go awry.

Health and Safety at Bowes Castle


As you can see, it is an important part of business, and it is not cheap.

So, what are your next steps?


Hire Wisely

At times, there comes a point where you need to make big decisions. Do you hire someone straight away or do you wait for the right person, for example?

Keeping health and safety in mind, it is important to strike at the right time. When you hire someone who is incompetent, you increase the risk and impair the safety of others.

If you work with heavy machinery or on a building site, this applies to you more than most.


Train Your Staff

Health and Safety have become a bit of a routine. ‘Please take this DVD, study it and take from it what you will’, is the conversation for most new employees on their first day.

On a whole, that is not a good way to manage health and safety. It shows your employees that you don’t care, so why would they care?

Training your staff is a great way to instil a sense of importance and avoid issues in the future, which can cost a lot of money.


Provide The Right Equipment

You cannot expect your employees to make a good job of health and safety without the right tools.

Mainly, they are basic tools that don’t cost much in the way of cash. However, they do cost a lot in terms of safety if you do not make the purchase.

For example, the cost of steel-toed boots is much cheaper than the cost of the inevitable lawsuit that follows.




Look To Be Better

Safety is so important, yet too many businesses never look to improve. Yes, they might improve on their previous record, but only by doing the basics.

Just like any part of your business, if you can get ahead you can save yourself a lot of money and energy.

Look for safety measures that you can improve or changes that you can implement, so you are always one step ahead.

By seeking the help of experts, such as companies like Plansafe, that idea could easily become a reality.


Talk To Your Workforce

After all, it is their health and safety that is the pivotal factor. As they work in that environment on a daily basis, they will have ideas and tips that nobody else understands.

Their experience is what makes them a vital source of information and advice.


Many businesses will throw money at the situation in the hope that it disappears.

As you can see, the best way is to get involved and think before you act.

Coincidentally, it is also the cheapest.