Military communications via the radio have been around since the early 20th century. It is a critical element when it comes to the safety of servicemembers. Not only is it used in combat, but it is also used by aircraft and other vehicles to ensure safe travel and communication.


The Importance of Radio in the Military

The military uses radio technology for several different reasons. It is used for communication, combat and radios for ships, aircraft and other vehicles. The radio is part of the foundation of the military’s communication. The military requires reliable equipment with a range of broadband frequencies. Broadband power dividers and other equipment have to be high-quality and fit to the military’s specifications.


The Use of Radio for Combat

In combat, the military uses radio technology to control communication within troops. In the past, soldiers may have used hand signals and shouting to try to speak with their comrades. While hand signals and speech are still important, the radio is a lot more convenient. It allows soldiers to be able to coordinate combat with the use of a radio. In some cases, radio can help two teams talk.


The Use of Radio in Aerospace

When it comes to the safety of all aircraft, pilots and other staff in-flight operations have to be able to communicate with one another. A mission could count on whether an aircraft can communicate with troops or if aircraft can communicate with one another. Without secure radio communication, their safety could be compromised.

Radio technology continues to develop. The more advanced it becomes, the more uses it has in a military setting. Radio technology has been keeping military members safe for decades. While most people may not think about the necessities of radio technology, those who work with it understand the importance of working signals.