Employers have a hard enough job seeking and acquiring new talent. However, the employers are often faced with another challenge of creating long term commitments with their employees. To achieve this, employers have to establish cultures that motivate their workers to lengthen their commitment.


Clear Expectations

While hiring, it is important for both the employer and the employee to be clear about what they expect from each other. The job description should be clear and it should avoid inflating the expectations of the prospects to avoid causing disappointments and premature departures. Although this risks turning away many prospective employees, it also increases the chances of attracting a more engaged workforce.



Quality Management

Since the manager is the communication connection between the employee and the executive, they link the organization’s vision and employee expectations. The management gives the employees feedback about their performance as well as giving the context for their success. The management is responsible for employee appreciation, work environment, and compensation. These may be documented in the company’s newspaper template alongside the company vision and expectations.


Allow Growth

Employees would like to explore different job descriptions and contribute to work areas that develop their talents and skills. Even with the existence of a hierarchy in the organization, employees may be empowered to use and interpret the company’s values to make decisions while working. Since the hiring process was keen on the employee’s values and character, the decision, while not having many variations, would empower the employees and help in retention.


Creating a value-based work culture

Regardless of the suitability of the employee to their tasks, working without meaning would drain the employees and drive them out of the organization. The working team should be unified and they should clearly understand what they get out of achieving the set organizational goals and targets. By topping this with reviews that challenge and appreciate their efforts, the organization has a better chance of retaining and improving the quality of the workforce. Furthermore, this creates a platform where employees have an opportunity to address their challenges about what does not work. Additionally, this provides the chance to increase employee training which subsequently increases their ability to work efficiently.