How do you know if your business idea is worth serious pursuit? That’s a serious question. It’s a question all Australian entrepreneurs have considered. And it’s something many more business hopefuls will have to contemplate. Business is all or nothing. It’s like being catapulted into the air and trying to learn to fly before you hit the ground.  

So, why would anybody want to go into business? And how do they know that the time is right?  

Well, they go into business because the rewards are worthwhile. Yes, building a business plan and securing funding can take time (you can visit Qantas business loan selector for more business loan information). And the risks can be substantial. But people do it because they have read the signs that the time is right. 


It’s Always on Your Mind

In general, what you resist persists. If you have tried to push thoughts of starting a business to the back of your mind only to find yourself contemplating your idea when you should be focusing on other things, take it as a sign that you should start a business. There’s no signpost in the world more telling than your thought patterns. The heart wants what the heart wants, as they say.  


Your Day Job Feels in the Way 

Your day job pays the bills. It’s a necessity. And, typically, you get on with things without feeling like you are out of place. However, when you have a business idea that stays in your thoughts all day, your work life can start to get in the way. You will feel like you are living a lie. Take this as a tap on the shoulder that you should be elsewhere.  


You Research the Industry in Your Spare Time   

You will begin to research the competition whenever you have a spare moment. Facts and figures and trends from the industry will start to appeal. That’s your brain telling you that it’s eager to join the debate and problem solve. You could also call it a gut instinct or a primal urge to get involved.  


Networking – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work  

That’s not advanced calculus you’ll find on the drawing board at your local college, but it’s a fact of business that you can take to the bank. There’s no way that you can know everything you need to know to make your business work. There is always something you don’t understand and a chance to learn more about business.   

That’s why networking isn’t the dreaded act of raising your hand and admitting you lack business acumen. Networking is, in fact, the act of sharing best practice and finding out how you could benefit from other people’s mistakes and successes. It’s a shortcut towards a more streamlined business model that avoids as many pitfalls as possible while steering towards proven tactics. 

Local networking groups may be available in your area of Australia. Check out support for small businesses in Canberra, for example.