Business leaders know that making interoffice communication methods more efficient leads to increased productivity and happier workers. Both workers and your company lose out when employees find themselves stuck in wasteful meetings or unable to complete a task because they can not reach a team member. If you are looking for ways to help your team members boost their back-and-forth discussions, implement these office communication tips.


Improve Email

Communicating through emails can be useful because the process leaves a record trail for future reference; however, when poorly implemented, emails can get out of hand. Teach everyone these finer points of using email effectively: Use it only for important business communications; compose using short, bulleted main points; highlight whether and how you want a response; and include a clear, descriptive subject heading.


Upgrade Your Phone System

Some employees would rather speak over the phone than write emails; doing so reduces the lag time between responses and makes it easier to convey the intended tone. Installing an ip NYC NY phone system can provide several avenues toward better communication. Features may include conferencing bridges so that workers can stay at their desks during meetings, voicemail to email functionality so they do not have to dial in when a message comes through and other enhanced efficiency protocols.


Examine Meeting Structures

Sometimes, those in the trenches know what works best for themselves. Give everyone a voice in how they can best manage meetings. Perhaps, some teams would prefer to meet casually in the hallways more often rather than holding lengthy meeting-room gatherings. Others may rather stick to phone conferences whenever possible. Providing meeting flexibility means that when the time comes for more involved, formal meetings, they will be valued and can encompass a more focused agenda

You may be surprised at how much better your office runs when you focus on streamlining communication within the walls. By implementing just a few solutions, workers can get the word out among themselves in ways you never thought possible.