Knowing how and where to store gold bullion is one of the issues many owners have. It can be a prized possession that is highly gratifying to get your hands on but if you do not have anywhere safe to keep it, peace of mind may be greatly disturbed.

If you wish to store your treasured gold in one of Australasian Vaulting Industries’ highly secured gold bullion vault, why not check out what they are offering. They are a trusted provider offering a high level of safety for your gold bullion and other high value items.

When deciding on how to store it however, you need to ensure you think about the physical size of your gold or metal, its value and how much of your net wealth it makes up. These elements will dictate how far you go to secure your bullion.


Choosing Vaults


Vaulted storage offers investors and gold owners one of the safest storage options out there. It offers ultimate peace of mind as it gives owners both the knowledge their bullion is highly secure and accessible.

The great thing about vault storage is that it also makes things easier if you ever wanted to buy or sell it. You can do so from this safe location without ever having to remove the bullion.


A Home Safe

Residential safes are another way you can store your gold and is often a popular method. However, it’s not necessarily the safest and if you choose to do so, remember not to share the whereabouts or the fact you have a safe with friends, acquaintances and even family members.

The less people who knows about it the better. In the unfortunate event of a fire or burglary also, the home safe does pose a significant risk.

The risk is lessened when homeowners choose to hide the risk in an unusual and particularly safe place and not somewhere obvious. For example, wall or floor safes are popular options and decreases the risk of anything going wrong.

It’s important you weigh up how much bullion you have and again, how much of your net wealth it comprises. This way you will know whether it’s worth spending more in the long-run to rent a secure vault or simply buy a safe for your house.


Hiding Places

Hiding places within your home are often used to store bullion when people do not have a safe. Getting creative with places in your home such as the attic, basement, floor boards, and behind the washing machine or fridge are all effective hiding places. These are places the thief will probably never think to look if they were carrying out a robbery.


Each method has its benefits and drawbacks but certainly vaults and safety deposit boxes are some of the safest storage methods possible.