As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 begins, it’s time to look back at what brought us here. The Internet continues to evolve, grown, and change. Google continues to spur on much of this growth as website admins do what they can to adhere to search engine requirements. Beyond this though, designers do what they can to set their content apart from the crowd. To understand what kinds of design trends you’ll come across next year, it is important to look over what proved popular this year. To do that, here are the top Web design trends for 2020.


Colorful Backgrounds

For the last several years there had been a shift to white backgrounds. While white does allow text to be easily read, there’s one specific reason why website designers did this: load time. A white background doesn’t require any coding. Color does. This means an Internet browser needs to process the code in order to load the website, which in turn slows download time. Minor coding delays are no longer an issue though. With Internet speeds growing quicker by the day, a single line of color code isn’t going to slow you down. Instead, having a colorful background will help your website stand out from the pack.


Gradient Colors

Why pick one color when you can go with several? One background color keeps things universal, but it can also be a bit bland. Yes, you don’t want to go off the deep end and add a rainbow of colors into the background, but a gradient keeps the backdrop feeling fresh while only really using two colors. The gradient design allows for one color to seamlessly transition into the second. Like a sunset bleeding into the night sky, there’s a brilliant transition that keeps your website looking fresh. And, much like the colorful background color, this isn’t going to drag your load time down.


Mobile Icon Influence

When you stop and look at your mobile phone, it doesn’t matter if it is an Android or iOS device, the icons are relatively flat and basic. This helps the icons look clean and crisp against your background. Add in too much detail and information into the small icons and it starts to look distorted. In many ways, mobile app icons want images to look like clean logos. Because, in a way, the app icons are logos, vying for the attention of your finger. This design tactic has moved over into the world of Web design. There are a number of benefits to this. First, the flat, simple image on your website will look clean and bold against whatever background you have. It’s also a significantly smaller file as it doesn’t require as many pixels. Not properly formatting images is one of the biggest mistakes a Web designer can make as these large files will end up slowing download time. Small, clean images will do the opposite and cut your load time.


Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Your Website

You don’t want your website to become bland or feel dated. You also need to make sure it stays on top of Google requirements, as search engine optimization remains a critical aspect for anyone looking to bring in traffic off of their site. To help with this, you will want to turn to Huntsville Web designers who understand the world of design and how to not only join trends but set them. So if you’re ready to reinvent your website and fully embrace 2021, now is the time to reach out and contact a web designer. The sooner you do, the sooner you can leave the competition in your dust.